Roasted Birdseye Maple bobtail SOLD

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SOLD  This great looking set of round-butt bobtail grips is cut from grade 4A Birdseye Maple. This is a tough, durable product due to a heat stabilization process which collapses the cell structure of the wood and renders it extremely dry. A by-product of the roasting process is the color change, in this case a rich golden brown color. They are also chatoyant...there is a high degree of grain depth, color shift and "shimmer" as the light angle changes. Add the dramatic birdseye figure and you've got a dynamite set of grips. An ambi safety cut is included, as are the covered mainspring housing pins. A durable high satin finish provides added protection for years of beauty. Fits most Kimber, SIG, S&W and other round-butt bobtail frames.

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