Barbeque grips!

Barbeque grips!

Barbeque grips!

Here's how we barbeque, and these are SMOKIN'! Here you'll find our grips made from a hybrid of stabilized wood re-cast in resin. Oh, the "Barbecue" thing? In some places folks like to open carry their most distinctive handguns to social events (barbeque!) and they'd better be able to compete for "Best in Show." These hybrids will put you over the top. The beauty is more than skin deep, since the resin is very tough and will not separate from the wood portion of the grip. Unless otherwise noted, the resin is translucent with metallic particles. Due to the nature of the raw materials (works of art in themselves) each set is unique and not replicable, so what you see is what you get! Any items noted as "sold" have been left displayed to show concept. Please note: any firearms shown are used for display purposes only and are not for sale.

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Curly Koa, "Rohirrim" horses SOLD

Product no.: 1494

$129.00 *

Bloodwood, Celtic Shield Knot with Sword

Product no.: 1495

$139.00 *

Desert Ironwood burl, "organic" stipple

Product no.: 1488

$200.00 *

Desert Ironwood, high contrast

Product no.: 1499

$159.00 *

SLIM Desert Ironwood burl with Turquoise

Product no.: 1536

$225.00 *

Desert Ironwood burl, Compact Slim SOLD

Product no.: 1549

$159.00 *

Stabilized Maple burl, bobtail SOLD

Product no.: 1548

$139.00 *

New Desert Ironwood burl SOLD

Product no.: 1558

$159.00 *

New Desert Ironwood burl

Product no.: 1563

$175.00 *
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25 - 36 of 38 results