Welcome To Cherokee Hills Exotic Grips, where we take pride in hand-crafting grips for your handgun. All of our grips are designed to provide years of durability and utility without sacrificing beauty. We specialize in creating fine, unique grip sets for the Model 1911 and its popular variants, as well as grips for SIG SAUER P238 and P938 models. If you have questions as to whether your firearm will accept 1911 grips without modification, please contact us and we'll be glad to assist you.


 Cherokee Hills is owned and operated by a family of artisans in North Alabama. All the work you will find in our catalog...including design, layout, shaping, stippling, artwork, carving and finishing...is performed by our own hands, using common hand tools and a few power tools. We neither employ automated machinery (such as CNC mills or laser engravers), nor do we outsource labor. Starting with the raw wood and finishing with your beautiful grips, each set  is hand-crafted and unique.

   Our process begins with searching out the finest raw materials. With a discriminating eye for color, figure and grain we hand-select fine exotic hardwoods and burls for your grips. Every effort is made to present the wood to its best advantage, making maximum use of the unique features of the wood. We work natural wood as well as "stabilized" wood (wood stabilization is a process by which soft woods are vacuum infused with a heat-cured acrylic resin). Frequently, we get requests for specific woods. If you would like to pursue a custom order, we'll shop for the raw scales or blocks and send you images of what is available to us. That way you can pick the actual wood for your grips.

  We're always in the process of adding more grips to this site, so keep checking back regularly. Remember that just because an item shows as "SOLD" doesn't mean you can't get one almost like it, too. "Almost like it" because that's one of the beauties of wood...nobody else will have a set exactly like yours. We are a "what you see is what you get" company. When ordering from inventory you won't receive something close, you'll get that exact set.

   In addition to our inventory items we also accept special orders. If an inventory item is sold out we’ll keep the pictures up as examples and will update inventory as new grips become available. To submit an order, either call us at (256)298-2500 or communicate your request via email to adkisonb@cherokeehills.biz. The typical order goes some thing like "Hey man, I really love item #XXXX but I need it in magwell/bobtail/slim with a Celtic Cross carving. Can you do something like that?" The answer is "Oh yeah! Let's get started!"


   This site accepts Paypal. If you prefer credit/debit transactions or money orders please call us at (256)298-2500.If ordering from inventory, your grips will ship no later than 2 business days after receipt of payment. If placing a special order, please allow up to 12-16 weeks; we’ll get it done sooner if possible.


Our aim is to create a special set of grips for your 1911, and we're pretty good shots.


   Thank you for visiting Cherokee Hills Exotic Grips. We look forward to individualizing your handguns.