Here you'll find sets in various stages of completion, from raw wood to ready-to-sand and finish. We've been accumulating wood for several years, and it wasn't being seen. The purpose of this section is to let you...our clients... select prime, high-end wood from our offerings. Most sets shown can be made to fit almost any variation of the Model 1911 unless otherwise noted in the item description. Please be aware that any set labeled "Compact" can also be made to fit the Nighthawk Counselor and certain Wilson Combat Sentinel models.

We can work out the details of the order over the phone, via text, or by email. The base price is listed, and includes any cutting variations such as full size, compact, slim, bobtail, ambi cut etc. Any personalization such as stippling or medallion inlay is at extra cost and will be quoted individually as specifications dictate. Please note that these are available only as completed sets.....they're not for sale "as-is." Thanks for looking, and happy hunting!

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