Stabilized Chittam Burl, private reserve SOLD

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SOLD  The Chittam tree (aka American Smoke Tree) produces one of the world's rarest burls. The tree is native to only two areas in the world. One is a band of Limestone in the Southern US (we just happen to live here) and the other is the Sinai Desert. These are "Tornado Wood"....literally. This wood was sucked out of a Limestone boulder by an F2 tornado which struck Huntsville, AL in 1989. A friend found this burl while walking the debris trail and put it aside to dry for 20 years.These have been stabilized, a process which infuses the wood with an acrylic resin which is then heat cured. This creates a product which is still wood, but has added strength, durability and moisture resistance. The figure and chatoyance in this set of grips is truly remarkable. A deep, hand-rubbed finish adds gloss and depth while providing great extra protection. These aren't just "pretty faces"...they are just as suitable for everyday carry as they are for presentation purposes.

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